Lifestyle Shower Burst Variety Pack


Lifestyle Shower Burst Variety Pack

Shower Bursts transform your shower into an aromatherapy experience. Made with all-natural ingredients and pure essential oils, they are a fun way to enjoy aromatherapy every day. To use, unwrap a Shower Burst and place it on a dish or in a sachet. Wet briefly to activate. Enjoy for multiple showers by re-wetting each time.

Each Shower Burst variety pack includes a Sachet that allows air to circulate around the Shower Burst, helping its essential oils to mix with the rising steam and allowing it to dry between uses.

The Lifestyle pack includes Rise & Shine (Tangerine & Mint), Energize (Grapefruit & Basil), Unwind (Lavender & Mint) and Sweet Dreams (Lavender & Chamomile) Shower Bursts.

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